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Read Our Surf School Testimonials

Udi Kogan, 37

I arrived at the Chili Surf School after I knew how to surf at a basic level and wanted to improve. The staff put me in proper classes and gave me exactly what I needed. We used video photography so that I could see myself surf and better understand my mistakes, then I exercised and even improved my jump. I wanted to improve and succeed

Lior Freidman, 26

At first I did not think I could stand on a surfboard, certainly not catch a wave. I reached the Chili Surf School through the recommendation of a friend who studied there. The course is structured in a systematic and efficient way. The instructors know exactly how to correct me and after 3 lessons I managed to catch the first wave and stand without the help of the instructor. There is no other place!

Maya Ben-Shalom, 21

After many years it was a dream I decided to fulfill it and take a surfing course in Tel-Aviv. They say it's better late than never :) I chose Chili because the conversation with Ben was the most professional I had ever had after talking to several surfing schools. The meeting was inexhaustible. He has a lot of patience and it is important for him to provide the necessary professional infrastructure.

Dotan Ohayon, 25

I always dreamed of learning how to surf. When I joined the Chili Surf School I immediately realized that I had found the right place. The instructors are professionals , mature with lots of experience in training. The club is a place that gives everything for the students.  Beyond recommending chili I recommend that everyone learn to surf, no matter where