Feel the waves of awesome Tel-Aviv!


The school was founded with an aspiration of providing practical and theoretical training programs for all of those who really want to learn how to surf. Our goal is to let you stay up float as quickly as possible to catch  waves independently and foremost in safety.

We believe that teaching best practices right from the start, is a key factor to success!

Learn the fundamentals with a combination of mental and core training.

Discuss the elements in a surfer lifestyle:

fitness & health, Emotional release, pure joy & relaxation, connecting with nature and the list goes on…

You are officially invited to the most extraordinary experience that nature has to offer!

We bring more than 20 years of experience surfing the oceans, hundreds of successful students and the use of the latest technology with a true ❤️ to the surfing world.

Come and join us!

Chilli is located in Tel-Aviv near the southern part of the city and beach area -- in the direction of Jaffa.

***(‘Dolphinarium Beach’, ‘Manta-ray Beach’, ‘Geola Beach’ and the south beach).


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